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RM Sotheby’s Villa Erba auction: my favorite time of year. Beautiful weather, Italian food, gorgeous views and expensive cars. It’s my scene. Sure, the auction doesn’t start until May 27, but I’ve already had a look at all of the lots. It’s all about who you know, see.

One item in particular caught my eye: a 1987 Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV by Bertone. I’ve always had a soft spot for wedgey cars. And good Lord, white on white, finished like a snowy cloud. I pulled open the doors.

Gold! A gold dashboard. A gold steering rack. A gold shifter and gates. How wonderful and classic and just to totally me!

depends on what type of girls you want to get hits from ? i see usually they have very weird things written about themselves that make them just seem. too vain. anywways.. I suppose you could talk about how big your cock is or something.. haha (god, im really no help here..)

Some online dating sites will allow you to selct the education level of the prospects they send your way. Otherwise you can drop your qalifications iinto your bio and wrap it up by saying I am looking for someone with similar achievements and ambitions as me

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what guys look for in a woman

I personally like to do online dating. I find it much easier than having to actually go out and go into the wholr process of finding a boyfriend. I like to do things easy. I dont think its anything to be ashamed of. Love is love. It shouldnt matter where you found it..

Since some of us are celebrating Mother’s Day on this fine Sunday, Jalopnik decided we’d spend time writing about or reading about our moms. Throughout the day, you’ll see blogs about moms on our homepage. We welcome you to read them, and to tell your stories about mom (or the person you call mom) as well!

That GIF above is my mom driving a rally car on Saturday, since we spent part of our weekend practicing left-foot braking and making slalom runs in the dirt. I, personally, think I did the figure eights faster. But that’s just friendly family competition, right?