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6 TRUE Scary Night Shift Horror Stories From Reddit (Ft.Southern Cannibal) New Youtube - Duur: 57:53.

Dating app Tinder has launched Tinder Select, a members-only version for its high-profile users.

An anonymous 22-year-old security researcher who goes by MalwareTech has, at least temporarily, managed to find a kill switch for the ransomware that spread across the globe yesterday. He insists his discovery was entirely accidental but experts credit his quick action for mostly stopping the malware from spreading to the United States.

Cybersecurity professionals have been working overtime the past 24 hours as one of the largest ransomware attacks ever recorded managed to affect the systems of almost 100 countries. In the U.K., hospitals were unable to take care of patients and had to attempt to carry on operations without the use of their computer networks. Systems in Russia, Taiwan, and Spain appear to have been hit hardest. Despite some companies like FedEx reporting infection, the United States has, so far, been fairly lucky.

Indeed, the malware is expected to stick around for years. It takes advantage of an older exploit found in Windows. WannaCrypt locks up user’s systems and demands an oddly modest ransom. In order to receive the key for their encrypted files, victims are asked to pay $300 in Bitcoin. After a few days, the price rises to $600 and after seven days, the data will be locked permanently. No one is certain who is behind the attack at the moment.

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There are few things as acutely boring and saddening as being stuck in an airport departure lounge, as evidenced by this man  who you may remember shot a music video for Celine Dion’s ‘All By Myself’ while stuck overnight in a Las Vegas airport a couple of years back.

But salvation is on the way in the form of annoyingly vowelless new app called btrfly, which ‘offers air travellers the opportunity to connect in real life with like-minded people’.

Users select their flight details to sign-in and are then able to contact others through in-app messaging, getting information on them like what city they’re headed to and what time their flight leaves.

With only 114 U.S. game releases and fairly reasonable aftermarket prices, the Sega Master System is an increasingly popular target for collectors who want to try amassing a single console’s entire library. But as soon as you start, you find out that it’s a lot more of a pain in the ass than you’d imagined.

About six years ago, I decided to try to collect every American release for the Master System. It wasn’t because the console had any particular nostalgic value for me—in fact, it was really more because I wanted to expand my knowledge, because I didn’t play much of Sega’s 8-bit console as a kid. Then again, not many did; it was thoroughly trounced in the market by Nintendo. Here, at least: It did quite well in Europe and Brazil, where hundreds more games were released, well into the late 1990s.

But the fact that the platform that was home to Phantasy Star , Wonder Boy , Fantasy Zone , and Alex Kidd wasn’t popular in the U.S. means that Sega of America’s release lineup is small enough that collecting it all seems fairly doable; its 114-game library is minuscule compared to the seven-hundred-odd game libraries of the NES, SNES or Genesis.