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it das nat mater mai amigo! I was cristian once and now im aitiest but even doug ai change das nat mean ai change my person............ becos either way im still a mejicano :(

Ha ha ha this is silly we don t have our own dating sites because we believe in equality,and what better way to show how equal we are to everyone then by being very inclusive with the general public? We have no need or desire to segregate ourselves from society. Lastly if us feminist had our own dating site it d be very controversial and could attract anti feminist nut jobs that wish to stir up drama next thing you know what started off as a dating site for feminist turns into Gender studies on yahoo answers! Not to mention the fact that most feminist are women,and a great deal of the male feminist are homosexual (not all of them I know there is straight male feminist that believe in equality) so they would probably be trying to date the other male feminist and things could get awkward quick. Oh & the lesbian feminist on top of it I mean you d have to probably end up making a homosexual feminist dating site too. A lot of feminist often happen to be mature women so they are already married have kids that whole deal going on alright I m out. @Smell the Glove Hmm.I wouldn t want to advertise that on a dating site only because of the fact that feminism has gotten a bad rep. that it doesn t deserve because of a few Misandrist posing as feminist or a few EXTREMIST that take it way too far and end up emasculating men. I wouldn t want to deter a potential mate because of the popular misconception concerning feminism. A lot of people have so many preconceived notions in their head when they think of a feminist if a man asked me if I m a feminist I d say yeah I m a feminist BUT I m considered a "liberal feminist" some might argue that that s a oxymoron but I am what I am. Being a feminist is a attractive trait to me (as long as the person isn t a radical) BUT when you wish to seduce a member of the opposite sex you have to pull them in first. You can explain feminism to them later,but if you never get them to begin with then it s pointless.

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