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Inspiration: The Pursuit of Happiness - Duur: 2:10.

just be true to your self. and avoid such flowering words.

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If things don t work out with this lady, you can go to this site and the site is ALL FREE, no matter what. I know because I have had a membership there and didn t believe it at first neither. If you want to start a good conversation you should try complimenting your lady, then letting her know that you are confident things will work out for that night. When you are eating together don t stare at her food or her, and never answer your cellphone if you have one with you. Take your time, enjoy the time you have with her, and compliment her from time to time. Most women love it when they get attention so just show her that you respect her and care about her conversation topics and don t stare at her boobs if she has big knockers. This is GOOD advice since it works for me.

find friends instead. just make new friends in outside activities that you enjoy and forget about the special person that may or may not be out there. you are special