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The book Recovery from Parkinson’s explains what causes Parkinson’s and details the discoveries Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock made while looking for commonalities in the many people who have “spontaneously” or “miraculously” recovered from Parkinson’s disease and in her subsequent work with hundreds of people with Parkinson’s.

This is the “main book” offered by the Parkinson’s Recovery Project. This book is a guide to recovery for a person who wants to recover from Parkinson’s disease. Recovery is, in most cases, a do-it-yourself project: no professional assistance is needed, although a friend or loved one might be recruited to help with the hands-on support of a long-unhealed injury, if any.

This book explains what causes Parkinson’s disease (an electrical circuitry problem), how Dr. Walton-Hadlock and the Parkinson’s Treatment Team (now retired) discovered this problem, and the steps one can take to bring about recovery. This book explains how to diagnose Parkinson’s and how to recognize the distinctive symptoms that occur during recovery. This book also delves into a bit of Chinese medical theory – just enough to explain why the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease develop as they do, and to help understand the recovery symptoms.

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