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It really depends, my friend. I was at one time enrolled in 5 online dating services, and while I am still single, I have gotten some..ummm. interesting I have left my free profile in most of these online services. If they offer a free trial, make sure you have a profile and a good pic of you ready, because their trial periods are quite short, so you might want to have a great profile and picture in advance BEFORE you enroll in any service. They all have their pros and cons, so I will mention them as best as I can. Do you have any niches that you can find dates on? For example, I like chubby/chunky women, so I enrolled in a bbw online dating service and have gotten a good number of dates. There are similar services catering to people of different races, religions, etc. The personals at Yahoo, though, I have gotten some good first dates but that s about it. For the most part, IN MY EXPERIENCE (yours could be different), it s been a dead end street. Also, for some reason, men do get a lot of emails from local girls that are really those Russian/Ukrainian girls looking for a ticket out of their country. That s one of the main reasons I stopped being a paying member. Eharmony was expensive, and I will tell you that you should save your money because it s not worth it. Sure, their compatibility tests work, but the main issue they have is, if they match you with a non-paying member, you cannot contact each other. Period. And like Yahoo!, a lot of women have profiles that are not paying members, so it s the equivalent of scoring with a stripper without :-), I haven t had much experience with it, but I ve heard it s pretty good, so you re on your own on that one. I have a good friend, though, and she said that her mom met her stepdad in it and have been married since. has the advantage that they check their members out before membership is accepted. They reject membership to married people, people with criminal records, and I think also, those unofficial couples (aka, girl with live-in boyfriend). They also have chat rooms with webcams (a big advantage over the other services.) I wasn t in this service for long, though, because they were sending these email introductions without the other person s consent, which I found rather inconsiderate. For instance, I got several introductions to women, and when I wrote back a reply, they all flipped out because they said they didn t even know about me or my profile s existence. I called customer service and they confirmed my fears that the introductions are done randomly. Needless to say, I cancelled that same night. Hope all this helps. Bottom line again is, your experience could be different than mine, so take all these online services for a test drive before committing to a single one. You can also try pre-dating or going where there is a pretty big number of single women (yoga classes, cooking classes, etc). Good luck!

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