Topics: Questions about studying abroad in Australia?

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Hey you may want to enquire with your local immigration agents before you start to make solid plans to study here. I have heard that Australia are changing a lot of their visas. Jobs and skills are being taken off of the lists and some international students have no way to apply for a permanent residency. they basically have to leave the country as soon as they are able to. Some are not even being given the option to continue studying. Also you may want to check with the universities to see if the degree that you are studying here will translate over to other countries or if you will have to study again in the country that you wish to work in to be qualified. Queensland is more of a party city, very lovely beaches and great night life. Tasmania is beautiful very green and chilly. You can drive to Sydney from Brisbane however, it really is up to you I would probably choose Brisbane if I was a young, single student wanting to party but as I am now, a young family I would love to live in tasmania. check out these websites (Tasmania university) (Queensland university)

Hello, Australia education consultants can provide you the best services and guidance for a safe and result oriented movement to Australia. Also, they will assist you in fast processing of visa as well. Filling the visa form itself requires precision and accuracy.

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