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Barcelona is one of Europe's coolest and most creative cities—a hotspot for great food, beautiful beaches and amazing people. Located right on the Mediterranean sea.

To find out how to become a hipster, one must first understand what a hipster is. Hipsters, as defined by Urban Dictionary, are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20s and 30s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.

Go to a local thrift shop and look around. Not only is this economically friendly, but it is also a good way to save money. Throw the clothes in the washing machine at home and they will be perfectly clean, so no need to worry about the idea of wearing used clothes. The type of clothes you should be looking for are band T-shirts, big ugly sweaters, and baggy flannel that you can tie around your waist. Anything that has holes in it is a bonus, especially jean shorts. If you aren’t sure what color to get, black is always the answer.

A good place to start is raiding your parents’ CD collections. If they have records, even better. Old music is very in again. Music blogs that have the name hipster in the title are another great place to discover some new jams. If nobody has heard of your new favorite band then congratulations, you are developing a hipster taste in music. If you really want to stretch your music tastes, try listening to your favorite genres of music — from other countries. Nothing says hipster like listening to some French pop songs that you can’t understand. For the very adventurous, I suggest jazz.

This is a blast from the past for all of you who remember when the clothes in dress-up games did not click into the right place! So playing requires a little more patience than usual, but the theme is just so unique that it is well worth the extra effort. Dress up the hipster couple from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. With their knitted hats, grandpa sweaters and converse shoes, they make a very matching couple!

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T hink of fly fishing and what springs to mind? The gentle burble of a chalk stream, perhaps. Or some rosy-cheeked laird in waders, teasing a salmon through a stretch of rushing river. 

Probably not a reservoir in Walthamstow, east London, a short stroll through rush hour traffic from Tottenham Hale underground station. But on a blustery Tuesday morning that is just where my dad, John, and I stand, casting our lines across the rippling water as trains clatter behind us.

Urban fly fishing is now very much in vogue. A major 21-year study of more than 2,300 inner-city rivers and tributaries, published in 2014, found our city waterways were the cleanest they have been in decades. After years of having the life strangled out of them during the industrial booms of the 19th and 20th centuries, rivers such as the Calder in West Yorkshire, the Goyt in Stockport and the Wandle in South London are now teeming with fish – and the aquatic insects that sustain them.  

No one is doing work here, in the sense of research, unless you count the music geeks who know the release date of every Defiance, Ohio album and who recorded their split with Ghost Mice, even though they really prefer This Bike is a Pipe Bomb. They live and breathe music. It s really simple. Indie kids are a community of people who are art majors, work in locally owned bookstores, are baristas in the best coffee house, wait tables downtown at the cheap restaurants with good food. In short, they are a bunch of brokeass kids who frequent their friends places of business in hopes of getting a discount or under the table PBR, tempeh wrap, pack of Camels or tattoo. In short, it s a community of groups of friends in which everyone knows everyone and sees their style. The style grows. They hang out at the same dive bars, shop at the same thrift stores, participate in the same alley cat bike races. Are there people at home searching though websites trying to pickup on the growing trend so they can be the first to introduce it in their city, I m sure. Truth be told, people like that are pretty obviously trying too hard and usually shunned for that reason. There s nothing worse than someone who is obviously trying hard to show everyone that they are exactly like them. Those people are regularly labeled as scene and not worth getting to know. The established members see something one of their friends is doing, think it looks good, so they copy and/or improve upon it. It s much the same way every freshmen guy is wearing a polo with khakis and flipflops, just on a smaller scale. Personally, a new girl at work asked me if I d like to come to a park show and hear some music after she heard me give a music suggestion to someone who was expressing frustration at not hearing any good bands in a long time. There I was, surrounded by a bunch of hummus eating, acoustic guitar playing early to mid-20s white kids with the occasional token minority thrown in, wondering when did everyone and their mother decide to buy a new pair of red wayfarers and get sleeves. After the initial, "Jesus Christ, I m surrounded by hipsters," moment passed, bottles were passed, discussion ensued and friends were made. God knows, regardless of all the people that surely fit into the hipster category, not a single one of these people would ever call themselves that. Most of the established members (I feel ridiculous calling them that) were friends back in high school and were the smart kids who didn t listen to FM radio, who had a group of small but fiercely loyal friends who eventually started going to the same bars and became friendly with the older established members. It s just a matter of being friends with the "right people" and having common interests. Those people who simply copy the style are regulated to the scene subgroup and viewed with disdain. Of course, this doesn t mean that if the person isn t attractive enough they won t be hit on furiously at the bar. Hipsters are just as shallow as everyone else, they just have different standards of beauty, I guess you could say.

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Barcelona is one of Europe''s coolest and most creative cities—a hotspot for great food, beautiful beaches and amazing people. Located right on the Mediterranean sea.