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What is a Course Handicap in golf, how do you get one and how do you use it? This explanation includes the formula plus more in-depth info.

USGA Course Handicap, usually shortened to just "course handicap," is a number that indicates how many handicap strokes a golfer receives at the specific golf course (and specific set of tees) being played.

You can think of course handicap as an adjustment to a golfer s handicap index to take into account how easy or difficult the golf course being played is. Golfers who are part of the USGA Handicap System convert their handicap index into a course handicap, and the course handicap number is what determines handicap strokes.

Not all golf courses are created equal; some are easy, some are tough, and some are in the middle. What happens if your handicap index was earned playing a very easy course, but now you re about to play a very tough course? Handicap index alone doesn t account for that, so a second calculation is needed. That second calculation is course handicap, which adjusts your handicap index up or down depending on the degree of difficulty of the specific course you re about to play.

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The intent of a bowling handicap is to make leagues fair and competitive for everyone from an absolute beginner to an expert. With a handicap, a less talented bowler who achieves his average will defeat a better bowler who comes in under his own average.

Granted, top bowlers typically form their own leagues, often without handicaps, but in the event a highly talented bowler wants to join a league with less talented friends, handicaps can come in handy.

The league secretary will calculate your handicap for you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t understand how a handicap is calculated.

The USGA handicap system refreshed two days ago (it does every two weeks here in the US) and mine dropped to an all-time personal low of 7.4.  I was expecting a bit of a drop, but was surprised that it fell that far.  Getting to mid-upper single digits had me wondering where I stacked up to the rest of the golfers who keep a handicap in the US.  I found a page on the site with a percentage breakdown of all golfers in the US.  Here is the breakdown:

16.24% of all golfers in the US are a 7.9 handicap or lower.  That means that with a 7.4 index, 15% are at my level or better and with 26 million golfers registering a handicap in the US there are about 3.9 million male golfers at my index or lower.

It’s probably not going to happen, but if there is a US Open contingent reading this blog, I officially volunteer to be the “average Dan” volunteer to play in next year’s Open.  :)

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So you don t have an official USGA Handicap Index , but you d like to know what yours would be if you did have one. Maybe you re just curious to know what your handicap is. Perhaps you need a handicap (or at least an estimate of one) to play in a group outing, charity tournament or corporate golf event. Whatever - on this page we ll point you to golf handicap calculators that you can use to run the numbers.

There are a few websites out there that provide a simple interface for determining your unofficial handicap index. To use them, you ll need at least five, 18-hole golf scores (and, at most, 20) plus the USGA Course Rating and USGA Slope Rating of the golf courses where you played those rounds.

(Note that none of these handicap calculators or the sites that host them are affiliated in any way with the USGA, nor endorsed by it; and the number you get by using them is not an official USGA Handicap Index. See " How to get a golf handicap " to learn about getting an official one.)

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