Early life. Benjamin "Benji" Madden was born Benjamin Levi Combs on March 11, 1979, in Waldorf, Maryland, the son of Robin Madden and Roger Combs.

Replace your motherboard

Don t know but according to Wikipedia as of 2001 the top 20% of the population control 84% of the wealth, so the middle class is not really in the middle. Just thought you d wanna know.

Yep - something that changed in the Bios messed with your files. the system clock may be causing firefox to thing the computer was hacked, or that your old trusted list is invalid because the date and time are bad. ( The computer is just seeing - I know what day & time it is, and I know files from the future can t be a good thing.) First, put the date right before messing with anything else. In the BIOS, the only things you might change to keep things cool: (not all are available on every machine) .. thermal protection, thermal thresholds ( when do fans come on, if fans have variable speeds, what temp makes them faster, if processors start to cook, what temp causes auto-shutdown?) Keep the thermal protection on except for controlled, short tests. This will burn up your machine. . fan speeds can be manually set . overclocking / underclocking ( try to slow it down to conserve power = less heat) .. changing the voltages.. usually with over clocking. .. voltage to the video card, and if compatible.. thermal thresholds for that.. Usually an overheating machine is: (1) airways are blocked. Either there is dust or cat hair in the fans, or on the heat sinks.. or the computer is stuffed under a desk or against a wall. Keep clearance around all sides, and keep it off the floor and clean. (2) heat sink has come loose - either a poor installation, or it got banged around moving. Remove the heat sink, ( with all power OFF) clean up both surfaces, apply NEW thermal paste, and reconnect. Wait per instructions, and crank it back up. (3) system is overloaded with wires, drives, and extra parts so more things generate heat.. and less room for air to circulate. (The best solution is to remove the extra parts.. second-best is to re-organize cables and devices to make as much space equally divided between things.. and add a fan or 3 to keep air flowing.

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