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Islamic State Of Iraq And The Levant - Wiki - Duur: 1:38:36.

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It s a long running scam. Benin is one of the capitals of online romance scams - so common the US Embassy has a whole page on their website about it You ll know it s a scam because he will either ask you to send money for some "emergency" or will want you to cash checks for him All you need to know is that if someone were a structural engineer who was as much in demand as to be working overseas, he would be earning MINIMUM $150,000/year and would never need money from anyone I can guarantee you ve never had a single Skype video conversation with him even though anyone with a great job would have a laptop with a built in webcam, a smartphone with built in camera and every single internet cafe in Benin will have computers with webcams for Skype. Before this goes any further, tell him that you MUST have a Skype video chat with him within the next 48 hours or you will cut off all contact with him. Accept NO excuses. If he is real, he will find a way to Skype you. If he s a scammer there will be some excuse - he is travelling, his webcam doesn t work, he got into an accident/got sick and is in the hospital, etc but there will be an excuse. A real man would want to see you on camera before ever agreeing to visit you - how does he know YOU aren t a scammer using fake pictures. The only reason why anyone would not want a video chat is because they are NOT the person in the pictures

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Meg Wolitzer discusses her new novel, The Interestings, a panoramic story about what becomes of early talent, and the roles that art, money, and even envy can play in close friendships. It follows a group of teenagers who met at summer camp in the 1970s into adulthood.

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Living Regret Free is a program to provide information on issues including life changes be it a job lost or sickness. Dr Gayle Carson hosts this program, providing guests who have had changes in their lives and have survived.

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Islamic State Of Iraq And The Levant - Wiki - Duur: 1:38:36.