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Fears of a hacking campaign targeting centrist French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron came to fruition in a last minute information dump Friday evening. The leaked memos and emails appeared online just hours before a legally-required midnight media blackout on election coverage. Voters will head to the polls on Sunday amidst confusion over what information the hacked documents actually contain.

French law requires the media to cease publishing about the election 44 hours before the polls close on Sunday. Likewise, campaigns must stop making statements at the same time. That left the Macron campaign in a tough situation, and it released a statement four minutes before the cutoff time.

The campaign’s digital director signaled just a few days ago that no hack had been successful , as web analytics firm Trend Micro identified the source of hacking attempts as the same Russian outfit that tapped into the emails of the Democratic National Committee in the U.S.

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We’re four weeks away from E3, when we’ll all gather on the internet for that barrage of endorphins that can only come from live video game press conferences full of gun shooting, cars, and more gun shooting. The show will start on a Saturday this year, thanks to the early risers at Electronic Arts. Let’s break down the full schedule.

As usual, Twitterer Cheesemeister has provided a handy table that’ll help you figure out what’s coming when, no matter what timezone you’re in:

EA has decided to hold their presser on Saturday this year, setting a new record.(By 2022, E3 will start in April.) It’s not clear just what this press conference will look like, but here’s what EA says: “With our event opening on Saturday, June 10th, we will be kicking off the weekend with our all-new live broadcast experience starting at 12pm PST, where we’ll be celebrating our players and our biggest games of the year ahead.”

Today, in the middle of a truly impressive example of “tweeting through it,” President Trump sent out—possibly from the toilet—the following.

Today, in the middle of a truly impressive example of “tweeting through it,” President Trump sent out—possibly from the toilet—the following message: “Maybe the best thing to do would be to cancel all future ‘press briefings’ and hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy???” (Three question marks indicate just how good an idea this is.)

He was following up on an earlier tweet , in which he suggested that his “surrogates” don’t always get everything right because he’s “a very active President with lots of things happening.”

This follows the classic rule of business: Always Be Hustlin’ To Our Inept And Horrible President For Your Shit Platform, Even If He’s Suggesting A Troubling Erosion Of A Vital Free Press.