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Gok Wan DJ! Beyond excited to announce I’m represented by NoisyKitchen as a DJ! Woop woop! For Gok Wan DJ bookings, call 0207 0430 745 or email James at NoisyKitchen.

Thank you to everyone who supported the hospice by purchasing tickets for our 2016 Lottery Superdraw. A total of 31,067 tickets were sold and this money will go towards funding patient care. Details of winning ticket numbers can be found on our website: To claim your prize or for more information about becoming a member please call the Promotions Team on 01902 774590.

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Heart Breakfast has got your chance to win some must have prizes thanks to the Brighton and Hove Motor Show which returns in June.

Our weekly look at some of the big stories from the world of sport, including a boxing grudge match that could boil over, significant change and a stack of new rules ready to hit the golf course and the trade deadline in the NHL

If you haven’t already heard the good news, I realised an Opera CD of my favourite Arias. It’s a gorgeous CD packed full of emotional songs that debuted at Number 1 in the Official Classical Compilations Chart. You can buy the CD by clicking on the album cover above.

Yay! My brand new collection is here! Hope you love it all! It’s available in Sainsbury’s stores and online right now! X

I’ve just finished filming a brand new series of Fill Your House for Free for Channel 4! I had a ball meeting families and helping them make over their homes for as little money as possible.

Find out more about how optimum nutrition can change how your feel and your overall health and wellbeing. Step up your mission to feel good with tips and ideas from the Indigo Herbs crew on Superfoods and nutrition.

Britain may be firmly on course for Brexit from Europe, and so it seems that now more than ever is the time for this nation to be focussing on its own industries and talents. It’s the perfect time to reinstate the British luxury craftsmen who have been seemingly disappearing. Andrew Guest, Commercial Director in charge of special projects at Thomas Goode for the past 17 years, is in agreement. “We have some of the finest craftsmen in Britain,” he told us, “but you never really hear about them, because they don’t really sell themselves. There is a lot … Read Article

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Gok Wan DJ! Beyond excited to announce I’m represented by NoisyKitchen as a DJ! Woop woop! For Gok Wan DJ bookings, call 0207 0430 745 or email James at NoisyKitchen.

This tin showed up this week and appears to be something special. Can only find one other example online and it went for over $2K in an online auction (not ebay). The company, still in existence, was founded in Vancouver BC around 1898. This tin has a bit more oxidation than the sold one, so likely won t reach that altitude, but still very presentable with no serious dents or scratches. Before I get too excited, I was wondering if anyone has more info on it, like a firmer date of production or rarity?

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All of the cast iron sign bases I have seen previously have threaded holes in the center for a given pipe size. This one has some sort of collar/flange on top of the base and the hole doesn t go all the way through. Does anyone know how the pipe should be removed from this one for shipping purposes? Thanks.

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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6.but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original Raincoat in your pocket.

Hi Susan sadly I have to agree with you the times have really changed why I really don't know I still think. if someone young in the headlines where to be seen wearing a plastic Mac it would start a trend well I live in hope