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My current girlfriend and i are the result of a personal ad on a dating site. The biggest piece of information i can give you is to NOT LIE ABOUT ANYTHING. Don t even fabricate a little white lie. This is going to lead to staring a relationship with distrust. Be honest about everything, even if it s shallow - like, you only like skinny girls or whatever. It will take a little longer to get hits, but the hits will be more quality and the likelihood of your ad working will go up. There s nothing worse than reading a personal ad and then meeting someone who doesn t fit the description at all. Don t put any information in it that you wouldn t give a stranger. Don t put personal info like phone numbers, addresses (email or other wise), family members or any of that. I didn t even put my last name in the ad. First name only. Also, when you meet someone for the first time (and maybe even for the 2nd or third) make sure it s in a public setting. For your safety. I m not just talking about physical safety either. Make a date at a mini golf course or a mall. Somewhere where there are lots of other people that will see you together. Dont forget to let a friend or even family know where you re going and who with (whatever you may know about them). Some people are just nuts and looking for a quick out, cheap date, or someone they can take advantage of -- guys AND girls alike. Play smart. Luckily i ve never had anything happen on a date from a website, but i ve had liars and they just waste your time. Don t be one of them.

Yes there are. I use which is all free. It is a good site and I never had any problems with it. Hope this helps you out.

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