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Regarding the "certificate" and time discrepancy issue: Certificates are valid beginning at a specific time and date, and they expire at a specific time and date. When your browser encounters a site s Certificate, it examines those (and other) aspects of the offered item, and compares it to several on-board items, like it s library of Certificate Authorities, the current time of the device, and so on. It also looks (in real time) to see if the proffered certificate has been revoked, for some reason. Because of the high standards (in theory) that certificates must exactly conform to (in order to establish authentication of the website), any discrepancy throws up alerts, warnings or other connection issues regarding the mis-match between what it is and what it should be. In this case, the Certificate time of the validity does not match the device s time. For more: ---- Computers & other devices have a small battery (CMOS) on the motherboard that powers an on-board clock called RTC (a bit like modern watches). Those can get out-of-sink with the real time for several of reasons. When you go on-line, one background service (if set to do so) will sync with Official time keeping entity, to adjust any of those errors.

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