Topics: Men, would u mind dating/marrying a woman around ur age range if ur 50 or 60 & divorced/widowed? Why/why not?

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He is not forthcoming, but he is correct. Flag. BUT he may just be ready to move on from his past with someone new & not want to be so upfront that he scares her away. I d notice the "flag" but give it a little more time, if you like his other traits.

I’m a cute Asian woman. I live in Sakon Nakhon. My job is a teacher. I have long black hair. I am neat, faithful, honest and loves family. I never travel to another country. I never join dating sites before. In […]

I’m a Thai girl. I was born from Tak northern of Thailand and still live here. I believe everyone looking for true love and me too. Do I look sexy? I am joyful, funny, sensitive, gentle, polite, love animal. The […]

I am a Thai girl from Thailand. I was born from  Phetchabun and still live here. I am joyful, cheerful, likes to help people and make merit and kind hearted, I like beautiful things, loves children, an easy going. I have […]

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Dear Team, I was looking for the woman for life beyond the German-Czech border and have registered here in April 2011. Using the same scale of my profile, I was contacted by Klaudie Louny mid-May. You want me to know you. Since we both are in contact via e-mail and this account here. Klaudie is a beautiful and loving wife. A meeting in her home is already planned. We will then discuss everything else, so that we can expand and strengthen our relationship (remote). I've been with my wife found.

NO way!!!!! There is a first time for the whole thing sadly, and that is surely an excellent first cause now not too trust him. I d undoubtedly no longer be going for this. That is sooo creepy she copied your tattoo, he could of requested her to do that for all that. How did she even recognize you had that tattoo? He obviously instructed her and that may piss me off totally!!!!! You are being sooo great in case you inquire from me. I would had been prior the jealousy section and it was once too bad you failed to kick him out. Maybe you did but i m assuming he left on the grounds that you weren t letting him have his little affair. I am sorry to claim it that manner however i m angry for you on account that it definite seems that technique to me. You feel distraught usually considering the fact that you ve gotten been sooo deceived!!!!! Keep robust you have nothing unsuitable he must have you for his quality buddy. If you happen to take him again (which i do not believe I would despite the fact that i m not for your shoes) i d make him kiss my as* royally. You re consider to be his queen and he was once lying to you and hiding her from you. You bad factor. Excellent good fortune

I want to grow old with someone and not die alone. But for now, I m LOVING my newly found Single life!