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Well I was seeing this guy and we decided to go to see a movie. Well when he showed up (in a mini van) he had 4 of his guy friends with him. They wanted to go and were to drunk to drive so he said they could tag along. We get there and sit in a different part of the movie theater so we can be alone finally. Half way through the move the cops come in and drag all his friends out for drinking and smoking in the theater. We stayed behind to finish watching thinking they were going to get arrested and there was nothing for us to do at that moment (and didn t want to be apart of it). They were the ones that got themselves in that position we were just there ride. Well within 10 min the cops were back in dragging us out and questioning us. They saw we were fine and had not had the complaints against us so they told us we were to take the guys home, we were not welcome back and sorry to have ruined our date. I was so mad at the guys friends at the time, but laugh about it now since we ended up together for almost a year and I became close friends with all of those guys. Now with any date I go on I make sure there are no other friends along.

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