Topics: Men only: would you date/get serious with a woman who cheated on her ex?

Infidelity (also referred to as cheating, adultery (when married), being unfaithful, or having an affair) is a violation of a couple's assumed or stated contract.

So your 40 years old now ? By the way, do you remember writing this confession too: ' I am a 14 year old girl and I been sucking dick since i was 12 when I did my older cousin. Since I have sucked dick for like 7 different guys including my neighbor who is over 40. I dont no why I have this weird fetish but I love doing this. I try and suck dick every day and have some willing guys who will let me. I am chicken to fuck because I do not want to get pregnant but I can cum when I suck dick. I no its not normal but was wondering if there was any others like me who craved this so much.'

I was seven years old when my 16 yr. old brother sucked me. I didn't cum then but learned to after a while. He taught me to masterbate and I could, with some effort, cum when I was around eight yrs. old. I aM NOW 80 and still have sex and occasionally masterbate. Sex is still GOOD, and It is easy for me to get a young woman occasionally. I have one sharp 59 yr. old that lets me have her OFTEN. Hang in there fellows. Its not over till its over.

Invite a guy over and tell her to blow him, if she's going to suck cock , you might as well see it. And tell so. Tell her you watched her suck cock at the reunion. You can also do this before the guy cums over. Watch him blow his load, dismiss him, fuck her, life back to normal. It's the only way

hummm YEA

if you love each other stay together your family / friends will eventually accept it if it is real peace

.. why aren t decent, attractive, 30-40 year old successful men attracted to you? Why are only cheaters, liars and old men into you? that s what you need to be thinking about.

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