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CURVES franchise: Negotiating Curves Closing Fees

Struggling, failing and soon-to-close Curves franchise owners seek information and advice from  Unhappy Franchisee  on how to handle the demands Curves International is placing on them.    One of the frequent topics is the club closing procedures, and how to negotiate with Curves International in regard to their demands for “failure fees” and often tens of thousands of dollars for “future royalties.” (Also called “Liquidated damages”)

We are not part of the legal action that many of the people above are pursuing, and I’m sure someone will respond on how to proceed in that direction, or direct you to on what other options you may have. Remember, you are not alone, we’ve all been through this horrible experience. It hardly makes it better, but at least maybe knowing there are so many of us out there, you might feel a little better…

Hi Donna.
Like You, I had to close my club. I closed it Feb 28th this year…
Of course I did everything I could to keep Curves International properly informed and I asked them for advice on the best way to proceed…

According to the company’s franchise disclosure document filings, Curves grew to a record 7,877 U.S. franchise locations in 2005.

Thousands of once-hopeful Curves franchise owners suffered severe personal and financial losses as a result of their failed clubs.

Many who closed prematurely suffered the additional indignity of being harrassed and sued for thousands of dollars in “failure fees” and liquidated damages by Curves International, even after they had lost their entire investments.

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1.) No as of right now there are no white blackberry curves. I know for T-mobile they are coming out with the Blackberry Curve II either late this year or early next year. Color options haven't been released yet but I'm hoping for white as well. I used to have a white pearl and I loved the color. 2.) The Blackberry Curve's date is not official yet, but they are saying sometime before the holiday season. I know for sure it will be offered through AT&T 3.) I have had both, and prefer the curve. The pearl is smaller which is nice, but I use it for a lot of texting and email and its much faster to type on the curve.