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jewelry can be so much fun to make me and my best friend would always make crazy jewelry. I would suggest to first look up some tips on the comp. and the right tools are what you really need (good string especially) patience is really a big thing too with making jewelry. Really though we only made necklaces and bracelets.. and i would like to learn more. those are my tips for you though. HAVE FUNNNNN!

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You ve not been looking around online then, have you? You can self produce on your own blogsite (try blogger, it s free) like the artist who does SMITH You can get a free account over at and post over there. You can use smackjeeves which is even bigger Or you can search around more and find another site to post your comics on. Or build your own website for it like Phil Foglio did for Girl Genius, who uploads a page three times a week.

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