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By my name, you can tell that I am one of the Jin Yong fans who believes that Michelle Chen was terribly miscast. (Xiaolongnv has a specific angelic yet.

From reel to real. Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu from The Romance of the Condor Heroes are now married. As an added bonus, they have a baby coming along the way!

Our favourite girl-next-door, Shen Jiayi  from You Are the Apple of My Eye, is not only no longer single she’s headed to motherhood!

Michelle Chen Yan Xi , 32, and Chen Xiao , 28, met on the set of The Romance of the Condor Heroes and went public about their relationship in August 2015. Michelle Chen had accepted Chen Xiao’s proposal in October last year after dating for merely 8 months.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo! Ok, let me be really sad. This is sad for two reasons: 1) It means the end of my Zhao Liying+Chen Xiao ship, and 2) This means that they are bringing to real life the whole nightmare that was Return of the Condor Heroes 2015. Ok, am I being too mean?😥

I mean, if in 2006, news of Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei were brought out, everyone would be happy to see the Xiaolong Nu + Yang Guo pairing become a reality. However, when I think of CX and MC, it is impossible for me to think of a legendary couple becoming reality. I don’t know. Rahhhh. I am so confused right now and am probably not making any sense. Anyhow. Whatever. After all, they don’t care about my opinions, right? :’D

ps2; If you don’t share my opinion, that’s great! I hope more people will be more open minded than me and think of this as a legit good news.

Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen and Chinese actor have admitted that they had been seeing each other after their secret dates were exposed by paparazzi last month.

The female lead of popular Taiwanese film You Are The Apple Of My Eye showed up at Taoyuan Airport with a classy hat and shades. She is headed to Beijing today. 

Dating for only eight months, 32-year-old Michelle Chen and 28-year-old Chen Xiao's relationship is moving at lightning speed.

While vacationing in Paris earlier, Chen Xiao proposed to Michelle with a two-carat diamond ring valued at 1.6 million RMB (S$349,000), reports Jayne Stars.

The couple fell in love while filming Mainland Chinese drama Return of the Condor Heroes, while starring as Yang Guo and Little Dragon Girl. Although Chen Xiao is younger than her by four years, Michelle is impressed by his handsome looks, humour, and also the fact that he is a filial son and attentive person.

Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen share a light moment while shooting a promotional ad for “The Romance of the Condor Heroes.” (Photo : CXZLY

Recently,  Return of the Condor Heroes 神鵰俠侶  couple, Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen are said to tie the knot soon after dating for only 7 months.

Chen Xiao reportedly has prepared a romantic wedding proposal on a boat while they were in River Seine in Paris. Chen Xiao also presented Michelle a 3D Little Dragon Girl figurine during his wedding proposal!

Attending an event recently, Michelle finally admitted too. When asked about the wedding proposal, she smiled and said, “Very surprised and touched. It was unexpected.”

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Michelle Chen  (陳妍希) made news last year when she starred as Little Dragon Girl in the Return of the Condor Heroes   神鵰俠侶. Michelle’s suitability for the role was hotly debated by fans of the martial arts classic. Although the harsh criticism and pressure led to Michelle’s depression and even suicidal thoughts , Michelle’s involvement in the drama allowed her to fall in love.

The 32-year-old Taiwanese actress confirmed that she is dating 28-year-old Mainland actor  Chen Xiao  (陳曉), who also played her onscreen love interest, Yang Guo, in Return of the Condor Heroes.  This month, the Chinese media discovered that the couple was staying in the same hotel room in Beijing.

The rumors revolving around the couple started in June, when Chen Xiao was spotted in Shanghai at the same hotel that Michelle was staying in. What made the sighting even more curious was that Chen Xiao was meant to be filming in Tianjin and had no known reason for being in Shanghai. At the time he was in Shanghai, it was just one day before Michelle’s birthday.

Yes Chen Xiao, your face back then is my face right now. I shipped Chen Ying for so long and it’s time to let them go~

why are you making me cry and laugh in the same post!! im quite sad but not as sad since Chen Ying news have been virtually empty this past year but yumama must be happy his chosen pair got together! he must be sipping tea and laughing at us. T____T

Anywayz, i never shipped Chen Ying so I am totally ok with this couple. Found them very cute on Happy Camp. Not so much in ROCH.

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