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I used to see this alot when I lived in Atlanta. And now I live in L.A. and I see a good bit of latinos with black women. I ve even been hit on by some. So yeah, I think they are pretty open to interracial dating. You just haven t found one. Maybe you should try hitting on the guy, instead of waiting for the guy to make a move.

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Some do and some don t. When I was younger, Black and Hispanics were thick and thieves. I think the media has brainwash them to want the white women. You see more and more white women and Hispanic couple i.e. Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos. Penelope Curz and Selma Hakek only date white men. Wilmer Valderrama and Alex Rodriquez s only dates white women. Valderrama gain fame for dating Lindsey Lohan. Hollywood is pushing white and Hispanic couples. You see it in movies, TV shows, commercials etc. Yes. I also think a lot of them want to be white too even the ones who look like Wesley Snipes. According the the 2010 census more Hispanics identify themselves as white. Being black in America is a negative, we live in a white supremacist society. Where white women is the standard of beauty. I also think normal people try to copy what we see in the movies. Hollywood is trying to replace the black woman with Asian, Latina etc or not show her at all. "/ Edit. Janet Jackson and Halle Berry s finances are Hispanic.

Black men don't want their women carrying a ****'s seed. In the ghettos, you'd usually get jump. Some black women also have kids. The guys usually don't want that.