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In Kamathipura, Mumbai’s oldest red-light district, it’s estimated that there are currently some 20,000 sex workers doing business out of brothels. Oftentimes the “women” who are offered up by pimps and madams are are actually young girls who’ve been sold into sex slavery. In Baber K. Khan and M. Basit Ansari’s Chunri: The Dancing Death , a young girl born into prostitution finds herself trapped by happenstance, but is inspired by Bruce Lee films to rebel.

While Chunri’s days are spent preparing for the life of an escort that her captors have planned for her, she spends her free time watching old kung fu movies and teaching herself how to fight.

After the sudden death of one of Chunri’s friends at the hands of an aggressive john, she doubles down on her physical training—which has the double-edged benefit of both keeping her fit and making one of her brothel’s most in-demand dancers. One night, when a local crime boss sees Chunri, he demands that her madam arrange a personal dance for him.

wouldn t it be too great if there was a user guide how a man works? lol expect the same what you expect from other men, that none of them is like another. germany is a country of 82 million individuals, you ll hardly find 2 people with exactly the same interests and behavior. so why would the men all be shy? that makes no sense to me at all. for a start, wait until you meet one and then try to find out by yourself how he ticks. be more open-minded and get rid of your stereotypical thinking if you don t want to scare him away immediately. good luck! :)

Expect to hear " Oh JAH" a lot. A Whole Lot.

Ah, ze Germans. They’re a strict people, with rules that cannot be broken and customs that can’t possibly under any circumstance be challenged. Some of those rules and customs deal with auto safety regs, which a number of American soldiers are realizing, are very strict.

The Polizei has given American Army soldiers stationed in Kaiserslautern a warning: if they try to drive overly-modified cars on public streets, they risk being pulled over. This, according to the U.S. Military news outlet Stars and Stripes , who says Kaiserslautern police is establishing a “souped-up car unit” of 10 officers to pull over illegally modified vehicles on local streets.

The newspaper says the police force in the town already issued a statement in the spring, warning locals that illegal car mods, such as hacked up exhausts and tinted windows, would not be tolerated.

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